Downloading WordNet and associated packages and tools

Use of WordNet in other projects or papers

Please note that WordNet® is a registered tradename. Princeton University makes WordNet available to research and commercial users free of charge provided the terms of our license are followed, and proper reference is made to the project using an appropriate citation. Acknowledgement is both required for use of WordNet, and critical to future funding for project maintenance and enhancements.

Database Packages

The most recent Windows version of WordNet is 2.1, released in March 2005. Version 3.0 for Unix/Linux/Solaris/etc. was released in December, 2006. The version 3.1 database files only (no code) can be downloaded and substituted for the 3.0 files in applications and with WordNet's Unix/Linux application. Version 3.1 is also available when using the online interface.

Download the latest WordNet packages, including the Prolog version and sense mapping files.

Standoff Files

Several "standoff" files provide further semantic information to supplement the WordNet 3.0 release. Click here for general information and to download. The standoff files include:

  • Semantically annoted gloss corpus
  • Evocation database
  • Morphosemantic Links (Semantic relations between morphologically related nouns and verbs)
  • Teleological Links (an encoding of typical activity for which artifact was intended)
  • "Core" WordNet (5000 more frequently used word senses)
  • Logical Forms (logical forms for glosses)

Old versions

Old versions are no longer maintained!
Please do not request changes based on the content of any version other than the current (Windows: 2.1, UNIX-like: 3.0).

Download old versions of WordNet

Other tools are available only for UNIX-like systems.
Please download these only if you know you need them.

WordNet Tools

You can download several tools for use with WordNet including the 'grind' package and 'morphy', a reverse morphology program that relies on an installed version of WordNet to return base forms in a specified part of speech.

Download tools WordNet tools