Old Versions of WordNet

Do not use these versions unless you know you need that specific version. These should only be used for research/academic purposes.

To download the current version of WordNet, please see our download page

2.1 (click here to browse 2.1 packages)

via HTTP: (UNIX-like WordNet-2.1.tar.gz) (Windows WordNet-2.1.exe)

2.0 (click here to browse 2.0 packages)

via HTTPS: (UNIX-like WordNet-2.0.tar.gz) (Windows WordNet-2.0.exe)

1.7.1 (click here to browse 1.7.1 packages)

via HTTPS: (UNIX-like WordNet-1.7.1.tar.gz) (Windows WordNet-1.7.1.exe)

1.7 (click here to browse 1.7 packages)

via HTTPS: (UNIX-like wn17.unix.tar.gz)


via HTTPS: (UNIX-like wn16.unix.tar.gz) (Windows wn16pc.exe) (MAC OS 9 wn16mac.sea)


via HTTPS: (PC wn15.zip) (MAC MacWordNet1.5.sit.bin)