• George A. Miller, who began the WordNet project in the mid-1980s, passed away on July 22, 2012 at the age of 92.
  • At long last, WordNet 3.1 is up on the web interface. Updated database files will be coming soon. Watch this space! (6/11)
  • The semantically annotated gloss corpus of manually annotated WordNet synset definitions ("glosses") is available for download. We invite you to use this freely available corpus. Please refer to the "Princeton Annotated Gloss Corpus"  in any publications. It can be downloaded from (6/11)
  • Sixth Global WordNet Conference 2012 is coming! (6/11)
  • WordNet was recognized by Speechwoman as an outstanding Speech-Language Pathology website for the month of April, 2010. (4/10)
  • Part of the American National Corpus is being manually annotated against WordNet.
  • Check out Imagenet, the new database of thousands of pictures linked to WordNet synsets, created by Fei-Fei Li and her colleagues here at Princeton.
  • George Miller and Christiane Fellbaum were awarded the 2006 Antonio Zampolli Prize.